Tisserand Aromatherapy Essenatial Oil Of The Month: Rose

Rose (rosa damascena)

Rose oil is one of the earliest known aromatic oils. It is thought that the first distillation process was performed in Persia around 500AD. However, the oil is first mentioned in an ancient Ayurveda text some seven thousand years ago. Rose has had a lasting impact throughout history and there is much documentation praising the virtues of this precious oil from Dioscorides, the father of medicine, to the Emperor Nero.
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Tisserand Beauty Oils


We are excited to announce the launch of Tisserand Beauty Oils, which are all 100% natural and can be used on the face, body or hair and are fragrance free. Vitamin E has been added to each oil as an extra antioxidant to slow down signs of ageing and to help restore texture to dry or dull skin and hair.
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LEMON (citrus x limon)

A mature lemon tree can produce as many as 1200 fruits in one year, therefore the yield is high – although this can be affected by the climatic conditions and the time of year that the lemons are harvested.

It takes about 2500-3000 of the fruits to produce a kilo of oil, which is cold pressed from the rind of the fruit using sponges which are, in turn, squeezed to obtain the oil.  The colour of the oil appears clear to yellow, or can even have a green hue.

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Tisserand Aromatherapy Inspired by National Trust


Infused with pure essential oils the Tisserand Aromatherapy Inspired by National Trust range has been blended by hand to recreate the natural aromas of gardens and parks cared for by the National Trust.

The first products in the collection, featuring four fragrances: Rose Garden, Lavender Walk, Citrus Escape and Cedar Retreat, will launch on 1 April 2014 and will include a range of perfume roller balls, bath oils and scented sachets.

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