Tisserand 100% Natural Roll On Perfumes


We have created four fragrances including Inner Peace Rose Perfume, Inner Calm Orange Blossom Perfume, Inner Joy Jasmine Perfume and Inner Harmony Melissa Perfume. These roll-on perfumes are 100% natural and based on the most beautiful flowers, and most precious essential oils, in the world.

“We’ve created natural perfumes to show the true scents of these beautiful flowers without any synthetic fragrances or alcohol,” said the Brand Manager for Tisserand.

Tisserand’s new Natural Perfumes all feature a base of coconut oil and a combination of pure essential oils.

Inner Peace Rose Perfume blends rich rose absolute, spicy cardamom, deep frankincense and a touch of soft geranium.

Inner Calm Orange Blossom Perfume blends cool orange blossom, refreshing orange leaf, zest of sweet orange and a soft sandalwood tone.

Inner Joy Jasmine Perfume blends oriental jasmine, rich sandalwood and euphoric mandarin.

Inner Harmony Melissa Perfume blends lemony melissa with zesty grapefruit, vanilla like benzoin and soft ho wood.

The Tisserand Natural Perfume Roll-Ons are all priced at £9.99 and are available in selected Boots stores and on our website.


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